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Experienced development services providing fully custom app development from conception to delivery and customizable pre-made apps for smart phone and tablets.

Welcome to Sticky Mobile Apps

Why Sticky? A small tribute to our roots with StickyDrive – apps for USB flash drives. Sticky is a marketing term for keeping your customers connected to your company’s products and services….and no technology does that better than an app in a mobile device. We LOVE APPS, and we have wide experience in creating them. From consumer to corporate, from small company to enterprise solution, our team has devised and developed app solutions that are used every day. Click on the free quote icon above let us know how we can provide an app solution for you!

Featured Application

Pharma App

The pharmaceutical app provides an alarm reminding when to take medications, and important information about your prescriptions.

Conference App

The conference app provides conference schedules, maps, and more all from the mobile device.